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Kitchen Countertops

Preliminary drawings

To receive a quote on an existing countertop we require a preliminary drawing with the measurements of the area. We reccommend calling our office to schedule a measurement appointment at no cost to you. Once we have your drawing, we can offer a baseline estimate until you have time to select your stone and edge detail.

11/12 2005

Visit the showroom

When you visit the showroom our professional design consultants will discuss your color preferences, budget and edge detail options. We have a broad selection of stone samples, edge detail displays, stainless steel sinks, travertine and porcelain vanity bowls to choose from. Stone and edge detail samples can be checked out to be taken home.

Bathroom Countertop
Stone Slab

Select your stone

If we don’t have the stone you prefer we work many local distributors here in Boise. We will be glad to provide you with our distributor sheet and they will assist you in hand selecting the material of your choice. Taking the time to see the distributors is worth every minute of your time. You will see stones that will amaze you.

11/12 2005

Finalize your quote and get started

Once you have made your stone selection we will provide you with your final proposal to review and sign. We request a 40% deposit to begin your project. If you haven’t already selected the actual slab for your project, we ask that you select them before the template date. At this point we will schedule the dates for demolition if necessary, template and installation.

Kitchen counter
custom bathroom

Before the installation

The following steps need to be completed prior to getting started on your project:

  • Existing countertops need to be removed, however the remaining plumbing and electrical will need to address by a certified contractor.
  • All cabinets need to be installed and completely level before stone installation.
  • All sinks must be delivered to Artistic Tile & Granite or available at the time of template.
  • At your scheduled template date our customer service representative can assist you with any technical questions you may have. Placement of seams will be discussed at the time of template. We always try to minimize the number of seams when ever possible.
  • Please have your faucets onsite at the time of installation so we can drill the holes. Plumbers typically do not have the tools to drill into granite.
11/12 2005

Installation of stone

It takes approximately one week or less after the template date to fabricate and install the stone. This is mostly dependent on our current work schedule, the complexity of the project, and making the final decisions prior to cutting the stone. During installation we set the stone, drill faucet holes and install the sink basin.

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Artistic Tile & Granite is a family owned and operated company in Meridian, Idaho. We offer a wide variety of natural stone, tile and sinks. Our highly skilled team will supply, fabricate and install all types of non-laminated and laminated natural materials. Additionally, we specialize in unique natural stone décor such as granite columns, custom granite sink bowls and wall décor upon request.