Quartz countertops are an engineered stone product made up of 93% natural quartz crystals and advanced polymer resins which make it highly durable and resistant to scratching, staining and water absorption. Due to its non-porous nature, Quartz is virtually maintenance free.

Like other natural stone slabs, this material comes in 2cm and 3cm with many color variations. Due to its recent popularity in contemporary applications, there are numerous manufacturers of Quartz. Silestone® (Made in Spain) by Cosentino, is probably one of the original manufacturers of Quartz but now we have Cambria® (Made in USA), CaesarStone® (Made in Israel) and many others. This material is one of the hardest minerals but it is not heat, chemical or scratch proof. If it is exposed to direct sunlight the product can oxidize over time.

Like natural stone, Quartz comes in slabs averaging 63x126 in size and is fabricated the same as natural stone. Since this product is man-made, the seams are more visible and the pattern and shade can change at the seam. Most all the color selections come in polished and some can be ordered in honed, unpolished finish.

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